Video Pornster updated to v2.8

= 2.8 – Released December 4th, 2015 =

* Enhancements
* Tweak to sentence removal to keep original formatting.
* Split video feeds into tabs for easier reading.
* Split mass edit into tabs for easier reading.
* Added ‘VideoPublish’ to post meta to save video publish date.
* xVideos – added query fields for Sort and Duration.
* xVideos – Filter by Date now applies to keyphrase searches.

* Bugfixes
* Posts are now published after featured image and comments are attached, to accommodate other plugins/code that trigger on publ
ish post, such as SNAP.
* max field size for Import X videos increased from 3 to 5 (up to 65535 videos).
* wrapper checks around helper files for GoogleTranslate, Admin Filter by Custom Fields
* HubTraffic sites – added micro delay between requests to avoid their DDOS protection measures.
* GayTube API change in results structure