= 4.2 Released January 2nd, 2019 =

  • Enhancements
    * On servers with hard script timeouts, VBP will split the feed imports, one feed per page load.
    * DailyMotion returns http embed code. Change to https if site is_ssl() to avoid Mixed Active Content.
    * Tweaked javaScript to pass JSLint.
    * SoundCloud – show API response message when code != 200.
    * Added ability to import/export content feeds.
    * Refine jpg – drop extra data when fetching image URLs else WP error “Sorry, this file type is not permit
    ted for security reasons.” (rare) Example: 2000×2000.c.jpg.v1536063060
  • Bugfixes
    * Load theme helper for Mass Edit form.
    * Code fix for recognizing special characters in post taxonomies.