= 3.5 Released November 21st, 2017 =

* Enchancements
* Added template tag %VideoPornstars%.
* Added option to import ‘pornstars’ as WordPress tags, if available (was previously automatic).
* Added scraping for new xHamster’s tags and pornstars ( not yet in their API ).
* Added documentation FAQ example for mapping to pre-existing categories and sub-categories.
* Manual import messages will now also be saved to the log.
* Switched Log File to Log Messages in database. Avoids server/file/PHP quirks.
* Allow category filter hook to return null to skip creation under user conditions.
* Only show public post types in post type select option.

* Updates
* Updated custom meta field names for WP-Script theme.
* Tube8: They changed their embed code response… again. Recognize new format.

* Bugfixes
* Switched PUC check to plugins_loaded hook