Video Pornster updated to v2.1.0

Adding even more features and a couple of bug fixes for Video Pornster.

= 2.1.0 Released 3/4/15 =

* Bugfix to allow for 0 values in Mass Edit section of Show Video Feeds.
* Added option to set minimum tag length.
* Added ability to skip videos older than a date.
* Display/log messages can now be filtered. See Log File settings page.
* Added support to attach custom taxonomies by post type.
* Added ability to Filter by Custom Fields in Dashboard -> Posts and Pages.
* Added ‘View Videos’ icon shortcut in Show Video Feeds page for each feed.
* Now automatically recognizes videos imported previously by PHP My Video Blog.
* All Utility functions enabled by default.
* Using eEnforcer for license checks.
* PUC – no automatic updates for unlicensed versions.
* Added ability to use Google Translate on title and description.
* Added ability to remove first X sentences from description and remove any sentence containing Y.
* Swapped order so ‘Replace phrases’ option happens before ‘Linkify’ option. Thanks to Ewooky.
* Bugfix for RedTube not getting tags in certain cases.
* Bugfix for xVideos recognizing deleted videos.