Version 2.0.0 released

Version 2.0.0 is here with lots of new features and important updates!

== Changelog ==

= 2.0.0 =

* Added more fields available to mass edit on Show Video Feeds page.
* Added ability to Linkify all URLs in video description and/or comments.
* Bugfix for displaying invalid code sequences in older PHP versions. Credit to akexer.
* Added ability to name each feed.
* Added ability to set each feed Active or Inactive.
* Added confirmation dialog before deleting feed(s).
* DailyMotion: Bugfix for checking for more than 10 broken embeds. Thanks to Ewooky.
* Script will dynamically increase PHP max_execution_time to fetch unlimited videos, unless using an older version of PHP
with safe mode on, in which case you can increase max_execution_time manually from an option in Main Settings.
* Added ability to set custom meta fields with imported video data to ensure compatibility with other themes/plugins using
their own custom meta fields.
* Expanded qAssoc field to 128 chars.
* Added ability to replace phrases with spintax support in video Title and/or Description.
* Added support for template tag %VideoDuration8601% for duration in [ISO 8601 format](
* Added support for template tag %VideoImageLocal% for featured image local url.
* Added ability to set post format (standard, video, etc.).
* YouTube: Added option filter for Syndicated videos.
* Added check to ensure imported categories are capitalized.
* Added Post Image Template field for custom image names. Requested by AudioRay.
* Added markup to default post title template. [See FAQ7](
* Added ability to skip importing videos with less than X views.
* Added ability to ignore certain tags when importing tags.
* New YouTube API key for v2.0.0
* Bugfix: preg_quote around pTitleRemoveChars to escape * + ? etc.
* Added modules for adult video sites*. [See sites supported](
* Added i18n support and .pot translation file. Need translations!
* Added post meta support for ‘VideoSkip’. [Requested by AudioRay](
* Now converts DailyMotion ratings into Likes/Dislikes meta.
* Better error catching for Vimeo and DailyMotion.
* Renamed classes/files for better modular support.
* Moved Scheduler Settings to ‘Scheduler’ page.
* Moved Log File Settings to ‘Log File’ page.
* BugFix: Auto-publishing videos with WP-Postviews activated created 2 custom fields.
* Determine supported video modules dynamically.
* Consolidated regenerate_thumbnails function, uses new meta key VideoImage.
* More info displayed with verbose option checked.